Tuesday, February 27

Spotlight on Lucie Jones – Treason The Musical

We were delighted to catch up with Lucie Jones ahead of the online filmed concert of ‘Treason The Musical’ which runs from 12th March to 14th March 2021.  Follow the link to buy tickets https://treasonthemusical.com/

The gunpowder plot and its celebratory derivative Bonfire Night is so popular in Britain.  Can you tell us about your character Martha Percy and how she fits into the overall gunpowder plot?

Martha is the wife of Thomas, one of the plotters.  She is a simple woman who wants nothing more than to live a humble Catholic life with her husband and children.  Martha doesn’t recognise Thomas when he returns from a trip to London (when the plot was hatched) and we see her battle with her emotions about this and her husband’s new ‘gang’, led by Catesby.

‘Treason’ was filmed at Cadogan Hall, how did it feel to be singing in that wonderful space but with no audience?  And what do you miss most about being in a theatre with its shared experience with the audience?

Cadogan Hall is absolutely stunning to sing in.  The audience were definitely missed, but we tried as much as possible to give our online audience as true a version of events as possible.  Hopefully they will feel like they are in the room with us!

Treason the Musical Cast

You did not have any involvement with the previous cast recording, how easy has it been to pick up where the previous cast left off?

The recordings of the show are absolutely GORGEOUS.  I heard one of the tracks on the radio before I was asked to be involved.  I was thrilled to be asked and I was a fan of the show and will be going forward!

Many performers have found it very difficult to find work this year.  How have you managed to keep going?

I have been teaching online since lockdown began last March and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.  The streamed concerts and moments back in theatre between lockdowns were absolutely wonderful but without my focus being on teaching I think I would have found it much more difficult.  My students are wonderful!

So far in your career, you have performed in many successful shows, do you have a favourite?

SUCH A HARD QUESTION!  Waitress holds a very special place in my heart.

Last year you performed a live sold-out concert at London’s Adelphi Theatre, and you have recently released a live album Lucie Jones – Live at The Adelphi.  What future plans do you have for your solo career?

I will continue to work on my music and live concert work always.  I love that side of performing as much as being in musicals and working on scripts.  Hopefully long may it continue – there are some plans in place for the next couple of years.   Watch this space!

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