Thursday, October 6

Splintered – Soho Theatre

Splintered is a ‘part-play, part-cabaret’ which explores and celebrates the queer joy and coming out in a homophobic culture. Chanté Faucher, Melissa Saint and Alice Vilanculo grab our hands and pull us in as we hear the real words of Caribbean people telling their coming out stories and seeing how they keep that part of themselves secret due to the culture surrounding them. But this show promises queer joy and where people might find themselves with no hope, there is always something to celebrate ‘despite, IN SPITE’ of their oppressors.

Emily Aboud, writer and director has created something beautiful. From the moment the lights go down, the audience were edging forward, clapping their hands and beaming from ear to ear. It is a show that you can only sit back in your chair after the bows and ask, how did they do it? The quick pace allowing us freedom to explore this carnival only just shatters you more when you find out the truth behind the joy, why people celebrate and why they use it to cope. The writing is truly incredible and only lifted higher by the stunning three actors leading it. What a performance.

Credit – Holly Revell

I’m never sure about audience participation, usually because I’m sitting in the dark for a reason however I felt so joyful to celebrate with everyone in the room and it was on form for a Wednesday night. It is such a clever little piece that hold so much inside of it, so much so that I would happily watch it 10 more times, and probably another 10 after that.

Best Wednesday night I’ve had in a long time.

Playing until 26th February,

Reviewer: Alice Rose

Reviewed: 16th February 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★★