Saturday, May 25

Spencer Jones: Making Friends – Soho Theatre

Actor and comedian, Spencer Jones is back with a brand-new hour of chaos at the Soho Theatre Downstairs. We explore the creation of his lockdown crafts, new friends found and lost in Devon and his justification of career as his kids seek advice to escape bullies and chickens.

From the very entrance Jones is excitable and generous with his audience. Humble and giddy to be here, we are immediately put at ease ready to enjoy whatever he has crafted for us this evening. Pre-warning us “if you haven’t seen one of my shows before, ah ahaha. At least you’ll have a story”. There is loose plot, but we can put ourselves in his ‘study’ at home in his new house in Devon mid lockdown trying to create ‘new material’ to pay his mortgage. Longing to make new friends here, with anyone: neighbours, railing man, God forbid his own cockerels might like him. We get to meet each of these characters in the most abstract and creative way, a way only Jones himself could conjure up and often paired with a little song or jingle to really hit it home.

Jones possesses such a charisma and connection to his audiences that is hard to pull away from his performance, completely an open book- so much so that when losing the transition or connecting thoughts it isn’t a shame to be there with him, it’s really entertaining to see how he might be able to connect this one absolutely crazy thing to the next. The show does lack a structure, or is it just that it’s unpredictable? Either way I don’t think this is a negative factor, ultimately, we are seeing a man struggling to justify his career when faced with a widespread pandemic that doesn’t support his skills. Now having a family to raise, his study becomes his escape in which we meet these characters and crafts sometimes just for one hilarious second and with this we join him on not taking life so seriously. Let’s all practice being a bit more self-deprecating, ‘at least it’ll be a story’.

An incredibly entertaining hour, we all know a local 40-year-old DJ, that alone is worth the trip. Would be a real shame to miss!

Playing until 20th April,

Reviewer: Alice Rose

Reviewed: 11th April 2024

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.