Saturday, May 25

Sleeping Beauties – Brighton Fringe

The Storytelling Choir’s Sleeping Beauties is a magical combination of song, storytelling and stunning visuals, which brings new life to an old tale by going back to its ancient roots embracing all corners of the world.

The Storytelling Choir question why fairy tales have been reduced to one, accepted version, and aim to bring storytelling back to the communities where they started. Discussing their views on the Sleeping Beauty story, the choir, comprised of Marina Evans, Sophie Gibson, Joanna Gilar, Fleur Shorthouse Hemmings and Nana Tomova, it is clear that over the year this performance is put together, a lot of consideration has been given to the themes of the story and the message those themes convey.

Medieval style song is then combined with poetry and beautiful paintings of sleeping women and striking shots of nature, which breaks up each of the versions of the story, told by the individual performers in turn. Each performer tells their story in a different location and their individuality is allowed to shine through, which, together with the very different stories told, gives the piece a sense of variety which holds the interest from beginning to end

The stories have a natural, unrehearsed feeling, showing that each of the performers has truly made their tale their own and fully understand and respect the story’s origins and what has made that individual account special for hundreds of years.

Sleeping Beauties is a magical piece of online theatre, enchanting and riveting, with moments of light comedy and deeply poignant emotion. A whole cast of characters are beautifully brought to life, from lovestruck princes to acrobats who can’t keep still for a moment. Sleeping Beauties awakens the darkness often hiding within modern versions of fairy tales and the richness of their complex themes.

Sleeping Beauties is being streamed by Brighton Fringe until 28th June 2021. Tickets are available here  

Reviewer: Donna M Day

Reviewed: 9th June 2021

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★