Thursday, September 21

Shout! The Mod Musical – Liverpool Theatre Festival

At the penultimate night of the Liverpool Theatre Festival, I was invited to review ‘Shout the (mod) Musical’ by Phillip George and David Löwenstein. It was performed by the students at Edge Hill University for their musical theatre course.

A short synopsis of the show is that. It’s a show with hits from the 1960s including such hits as Son of a Preacher man, Goldfinger and of course Shout from LuLu. The show was about 5 women making their way through the 60s decade and overcoming stereotypes and prejudice. Each woman portrayed a different type of woman from the 60s and it looked at the personal journey of each of them. Whether questioning sexuality, their marriage and their love of Paul McCartney. We even had agony aunt columns and adverts plucked from the era. The musical was set in Liverpool and made references to local landmarks.

Within the musical performance there were some stand out and indeed knockout performances with their acting talents from the cast but unfortunately I wasn’t given a programme of the actresses names nor could I find it online so I do apologise I cannot name the performers. However, that aside each performer gave lovely harmonies, killer dance moves and engaging acting with each audience member.

I do have some criticisms, firstly there was a cast of 8 but only 5 of them had characters to play. Three cast members who were ensemble I don’t think in my opinion were needed. Maybe they could have been the agony aunt or say the adverts rather than have them pre-recorded as it could of given the ensemble more of a purpose and investment on stage instead of just making up numbers to the dances and backing harmonies. I did find some of the storyline hard to follow, it was only for the fact I discussed the show with my guest it clicked as to what the show was about. The show is advertised as suitable for ages 10 plus but as the show talks about drugs and sex with mild swearing use, I would argue it isn’t and should have an upper minimum age. Finally, whilst most of the vocals were pitch perfect some notes were rather flat from cast members. However, the musical was a ‘feel good’ show for a Saturday and kudos to the company for battling the evening winds and going all out. I do believe these actresses are going to be on a big stage. It’s always nice seeing new talent appearing within Liverpool and shows that Liverpool do produce some top-quality entertainers.

Reviewer: Luke Stephenson

Reviewed: 29th July 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Cast List and character played:-

Lydia Bullock: Orange is domestic and maternal… completely content and in denial.

Laura Burton: Red is an exciting blend of youthful contradictions.

Eilidh Lowe: Blue has poise and beauty… and no friends.

Grace Hunt: Green is a bit of a slut. 

Naomi Athay: Yellow is driven by her emotions… otherwise known as American.


Grace Morrison – white girl 

Britney Anne – pink girl 

Emily Pears – purple girl