Wednesday, July 6

Sheltering World launches online on December 18th

‘Sheltering World’ is a collaboration featuring new media, animation, music and poetry which explores ideas about where we, as human beings find shelter. Terri Broughton said “We get emotional shelter from our families, friends and communities which is probably even more important than actual physical shelter from houses”. Fion Gunn describes how “we need the shelter of creativity, engaging with art, literature, music, dance, film and theatre, this is a kind of shelter which gives meaning, understanding and structure to our lives.”

The project promotes co-creation from its inception and includes team members who are themselves at the sharp end of the homelessness crisis. Tyson Richards was clear that “composition and music, that’s what I do and it’s the best feeling” while Eliza Cooey spoke eloquently about her need to write saying “I really like to play with words and ideas, to mix all those things up and see where they take me”

Tyson and Eliza who live in emergency accommodation give an authentic voice to the artwork and demonstrate how inclusiveness needs to be at the heart of creative experience.

The Sheltering World team met during the first ever Midsummer Neighbourhood Arts Trail held in the Stanthorpe Triangle & Wellfield Road on 21st June. Over the months since then, they have held weekly distanced meetings and their regular exchange of ideas has been a source of inspiration and enjoyment. They have discussed their personal histories, where each of them has sought and found shelter and what they can do with this awareness going forward.

Their vision of ‘Shelter’ is one which also connects directly to Lambeth Libraries’ vision of providing ‘Sanctuary’ and as writing is also celebrated in the project, the partnership feels very appropriate.

The Team is delighted to have been awarded a grant by Arts Council England the project.