Thursday, June 20

Scouts! The Musical – The Other Palace

Scouts! The Musical is an exciting new musical filled with fun, adventure, and heart warming inspiring songs. This new show has all the elements of a successful show bringing together a talented cast, show stopping tunes and a great story.

Written and directed by Sam Cochrane with songs by David Fallon, Scouts! the musical tells the story of the competition at The Scout Games. Created in partnership with The Scouts, this family friendly show, is filled with nostalgia, adventure and lots of audience interaction as a few members of the audience are picked out to play instruments or be part of the scouts competition. The audience interaction is natural and adds to the comedic effect of the show.

The whole cast impressively play multiple instruments throughout the show, sometimes seamlessly transitioning between instruments mid song. The whole cast are not only talented musicians but are vocally great and despite the challenges of the space sounded great throughout the show. Sydney Spencer played Ayesha and used her beautiful vocal tone throughout the show. Joel Nash and Ayesha have strong chemistry onstage as they explore what friendship means.

Emily Kitchingham stood out as villain Charlotte. Emily commanded the stage and moved fiercely with confidence as Charlottesville evil plan comes to fruition. In contrast, Kemi Clarke played Scout Leader Dylan with an innocent charm. Kemi filled his performance with warmth and energy. He also showed off some impressive saxophonist skills.

Katie Pritchard used her excellent comic timing to play Rosie. She had many funny moments in the Linus Lionheart scene and has an excellent moment playing both the recorder and the kazoo at the same time. Rob Gathercole is hysterical as Linus Lionheart and does an excellent job during his piano competition as Luke.

Scouts! The Musical is a fun adventure that will delight audiences of all ages. The show is full of heartwarming earworms, that will stay with the audience beyond the show. I’d love to see Scouts moving to a bigger space and would be sure to listen to the soundtrack on repeat. This show is not to be missed and is an excellent tribute to The Scouts. This incredible cast of musicians and actors bring this show together with boundless energy and fun.

Playing until 9th July,

Reviewer: Jennifer Laishley

Reviewed: 22nd June 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.