Friday, December 9

Scouse Jack and the Beanstalk – Liverpool’s Royal Court

It’s the beginning of the pantomime season up and down the country and I’m pleased to be welcomed back at the Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool to review this year’s pantomime of Scouse Jack and the Beanstalk written by Kevin Fearon and directed by Stephen Fletcher.

Deep in Crosby Jack Jones (Micheal Fletcher) is a lazy lad he gets high and wants to find treasure on an adventure, his mum Mrs Jones (Lindzi Germain) is fewmin. The bills are sky high and the milk from daisy the cow (Jake Abraham) is barely enough to cover the rising costs. So, she sends Jack out to get a job. So, he goes off to the Greatie Market. The council have their share of problems to as the city is broke there is no money and the mayor (Liam Tobin) has to make drastic cuts to make the big Eon in the sky happy, with the help of the Commissioner (Andrew Schofield). As the story progresses Jill (Hayley Sheen) may have found out why the city is so skint. Unable to find a job Jack sells daisy to the commissioner for a tin of beans. Which has some interesting events unfold. The story is guided by our fairy (Keddy Sutton)

This pantomime has everything incredible music with the live band, smutty jokes and naff puns. This show has had the same creative team for the last 4 pantomimes, and I have to say this is one of the best ones they’ve done I didn’t think they could top last years when I watched it but they did and then some. I often moan when I see that pantomimes are on at Easter or Halloween because I believe they should only be for Christmas that said if the Royal Court decided to do more than one throughout the year, I’d be first in line for tickets and a roast dinner. The show was relevant to current affairs and has the typical scouse sense of humour. It’s a welcome break to what’s happening in the real world. A chance to lose yourself in the company of top Liverpool talent. The only criticism I could fault was that some affects were slightly mis timed but to the credit of the actors they dealt with it well and made it look like it was intentional to get the laugh.

So, will Jack and Jill get together? Will the Mayor solve the crisis of being skint? I guess you’ll have to book tickets to find out for yourself I’m excited to see it again and fully believe I will laugh just as hard as I did last night. Start Christmas early and get booked in now.

Playing until 28th January 2023,

Reviewer: Luke Stephenson

Reviewed: 16th November 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★