Sunday, June 16

Scammed Preview – online@thespaceUK

Who is Anne Wood and why is she terrified of the mysterious stranger who claims her as his client? She has lost everything so what can he possibly take from her? There is only one thing left …

Anne Wood is terrified of the world. She hides away each day in an empty office block. One day a stranger enters her office and begins to question her. She has been questioned before, many times, and has no intention of answering. This does not deter the stranger and he eventually gets her to admit that she is Anne Wood. Her admission is somewhat of a relief for her as her life has been taken away by continued internet scams. She has lost everything, and she has nothing left, except her life. Will the stranger take that too?

Running time is 20 minutes and starring Julia Munrow as Anne Wood, running until the 31st January 2021.

Julia has worked across film, tv and theatre. She played Lesley in Emmerdale. In theatre she has worked all over the UK and with Alan Ayckbourn and Mark Rylance.

And Stu Jackson as the Stranger

Stu has worked in theatre, film and TV. Roles include Stanley in ‘Caught in the Net’. At Edfring 2019 his play Asolution received four star reviews.

Written and directed by award winning playwright, Joan Greening. Joan has written sit-coms for ITV. She has had many plays published which are performed internationally.