Saturday, September 30

Rhythm of the Dance – Floral Pavilion

The National Dance Company of Ireland present a show that has celebrated the beauty of Irish song and Dance for over 20 years now. Performed by an ensemble of flawless professional dancers to upbeat and traditional Irish musicians and live singers. Blending snippets of story without dialogue is a special thing to see, presenting us with Irelands history from the old to the new. You can see why it has been popular for so long.

The best moments were certainly when they all danced together in unison, showcasing their dedication to the craft. I can understand how these dancers have done so since a very young age and winning lots of awards along the way. Their dance was brought to life with the talented musicians using traditional Irish instruments such as the violin, drums, or should I say the fiddle and the Bodhran! Each musician encouraged the audience to clap along for the upbeat numbers, their energy infectious. Every number received not only a loud clap but a whoop and a cheer too.

Producer Kieran Cavanagh has revived this well-loved show, with a modern edge through the use of lights and costume also. Stage design by Ciara Cramer gave a mythical feel with its vibrant blues and earthy tones. Cleverly weaving the notion of music through the swirling wind pattern painted on the side of the stage, as well as the Celtic knotwork. Digital artwork design by Mark McGuire made you feel like you’re right there at the heart of Ireland with its projection of clouds, lakes and trees at the back of the stage. This was a great addition as it blended into the background without it being off putting from what the performers were doing. Luis Poveda’s lighting design had moody cloudy hues transporting you to the country and spotlights on the dancers when the time was right.

The show continues its short UK Tour in Windsor before moving on to its European venues. If you can, make sure you catch this well-loved 2-hour long show. There was a mixture of ages for our audience, and everyone seemed to buzz off the energy. If you’re not clapping along with the performers, then your foot is sure to be tapping along with the rhythmic music.

And until next time “Slan go foill” (Goodbye for now!).

Reviewer: Emma Lambe

Reviewed: 28th July 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 3 out of 5.