Monday, April 22

Radio Ghost – An Interactive Experience

A team of covert undercover hunters infiltrate a Glasgow mall in hopes of uncovering the hidden ghosts that haunt the area. Instead, what they discover bring to light are harsh truths that hide in sight and are all too easily ignored and forgotten.

Welcome to Radio Ghost. An interactive story that sees you and two other teammates join the team as three new hunters. You are tasked with finding the ghost stories of days past.

Set in an everyday shopping centre with an energetic 80’s soundtrack, feel fully immersed in the hunting experience.

Once the mission is underway, it is soon discovered that the ghosts and the stories they have to tell are more frightening than previously thought. Looking back at the horrors of humanity, the ghosts of previous hunters tell tales of the exploitation and environmental dangers behind capitalism and the dark side of everyday commerce.

As we browse the stores for gifts for our fellow hunters, we blend in perfectly with the unknowing shoppers. Once a new tale has been uncovered, it is time to update the rest of the team.

This is where ZU-UK shines. The mobiles and headphones provided allow players to fully interact with the story and each other. Information and pictures can be easily shared with one another, accompanied by old 80’s classics such as Toto, Ah-ha, and many more.

Ultimately, Radio Ghost teaches educational lessons about the harsh reality behind capitalism while simultaneously providing engaging challenges throughout for participants. It is a one-of-a-kind, unique experience, allowing for an entertaining interactive experience.

Reviewer: Lucy McGuire

Reviewed: 17th July 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★