Friday, October 7

Rachel Fairburn: Can I be Awful? – Monkey Barrel Comedy

Can I be awful? is hilarious. This is quick, sharp, biting comedy at its finest. Rachel Fairburn has artfully crafted an absolute laugh- riot of a show. I can honestly say I don’t remember laughing this much at a comedy show, period. She skilfully leads us through a well-timed, laugh a minute, adventure that pokes fun where it belongs. 

The show has a strong theme of class disparity and attitudes and stereotypes towards working class people. Rachel Fairburn has a savagely funny sense of humour and healthy dose of dark, crude, and near the mark banter. The show was presented in conversational and chatty manner that put the audience at ease. This is a comfortable and confident comedian who knows how to build a story in layers. There were some hilarious impressions of trust -fund rich kids and some great jokes at the expense of the upper classes. She commanded the audience with skill and a practiced hand, and everything felt very truthful and breezy.

This show felt so relatable and well thought out and I really enjoyed the wonderful and funny tangents she wandered down before always circling back to the central theme.  Dry wit and fantastically blunt comments are expertly blended together in this cocktail of comic gold. The piece had some brutally funny observations and tight call backs, with well placed and relatable references Rachel Fairburn is a master storyteller and the jokes just don’t stop coming.

The detail and insight into her everyday thought process is expertly and amusingly described. There was a great pace and witty social commentary throughout, I can’t recommend seeing this show highly enough.

This is a fast paced, hysterical show with a strong theme and comedy genius at the helm.  Can I be awful? is bloody brilliant!

Playing until 28th August, further information and tickets can be found HERE.

Reviewer: Kat Clifford

Reviewed: 15th August 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★★