Wednesday, July 6

Punk Theatre Movement: Day Festival Launch Event

The last six months has been hard on everyone, but as restrictions are gradually eased, we face the question – how do we move forward? 

Punk Theatre Movement was formed to bring together artists who wish to collaborate, to reconnect with other artists to devise a way to come together in a fairer, more accessible way.  Many of the festivals are becoming inaccessible for artists due to high fees, limited resources and a lack of spaces.  Frisky Arts felt that even though lockdown was hard on artists, it actually presented them with an opportunity to re-imagine how theatre and performance is presented using a new approach and philosophy.  Frisky Arts have joined forces with other artists including Milk and Blood Theatre, Chalk Line Theatre and Grace Church and many more.

The London launch of Punk Theatre Movement on 6th September, will include an afternoon of workshops opening with a wellbeing workshop taken by Grace Church from Guttersnipe Theatre, Milk and Blood will present a puppet making workshop, a music and interpretation workshop will be presented by Ellie Dolke (do you work better with music or not).  Other interesting workshops include Privilege and Anti-racism hosted by Naala Lartey and Lakeisha Lynch-Stephens.

The evening gives an opportunity for regional writers to showcase their work with three short plays ‘A Horse Walks Into A Bar’ written by Mark Fenton and performed by James Tomkinson, The Box’ written by Sass Holmes and performed by Amanda Vilanova and ‘Cracked Cup Storm’ devised and performed by Vianne Furey.

To round off the day its cabaret time.  Artists Grace Church, Eifion Ap Cadno, Knuckle Sandwich, Frisky Arts, Ella the Clown and Frankie Thomson will entertain before the closing ceremony with Jazz Ensemble including Eliza Carrik Davies at the end of the day.

There is certainly a lot to tempt you to come along, but just being a part of the conversation is worth a visit to contribute to the discussion on how to re-shape the theatre industry to create a fairer future for artists, with more diversity to focus on the work produced therefore allowing a culture of freedom.  Here is an article written by Frisky Arts calling for collaboration, change and artistic freedom.

If you are interested in attending the festival it is being held at The Fox and Firkin, Lewisham, London, SE13 6JZ on Sunday 6th September from 3pm until 10pm.  There is a Facebook page for the event.  Tickets are on a pay what you feel basis and all donations are welcome.

COVID-19 pub regulations will be followed at this event.