Friday, September 22

Panti Bliss: If These Wigs Could Talk – Soho Theatre

On a warm and vibrant evening at the esteemed Soho Theatre, Panti Bliss sets down her dancing shoes and returns to walking the boards with her bold and glamourous theatre show.

The “Queen of Ireland” takes centre stage in an extraordinary display of talent, wit, and unapologetic charm in the celebrated one-woman production, ‘If These Wigs Could Talk’.

Having walked into an overture of toe-tapping, camp club classics, the lights dimmed, and the stage came alive with an infectious energy that immediately captivated the packed audience, setting the tone for a remarkable and personal theatrical experience. From the very beginning, Panti was effortless in her command of the stage with an undeniable presence, earned with years of experience, she exuded confidence and a mature grace missing from many younger drag performers. It was evident that Panti is a performer who knew how to command an audience’s attention and keep them spellbound throughout the entire performance.

Through a series of mesmerising and seamlessly delivered monologues, Panti transported us on a journey through her captivating life, both on and off the stage. With each new salacious story, a new layer was unveiled for this multifaceted and world-iconic drag queen. Panti masterfully balanced moments of vulnerability and poignant reflection with uproarious comedy, leaving the audience in fits of laughter one moment and deeply moved to tears the next. A truly talented storyteller at work, Panti effortlessly bridged the gap between being a stage performer and a genuinely warm and caring human being with a palpable connection to the audience.

‘If These Wigs Could Talk’ is a triumphant celebration of authenticity, resilience, and the transformative power of drag as an art form. If you find yourself seeking an unforgettable evening of heartfelt storytelling, and a celebration of the strength that can be found in the human spirit, do not miss the chance to witness Panti at Soho Theatre.

The show runs at the Soho Theatre, London until 10th June 2023. Tickets can be purchased here:

Reviewer: Alan Stuart Malin

Reviewed: 31st May 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.