Sunday, September 24

Nick Everritt: The Quiet Man – Aces & Eights

Time for some comedy down at Aces & Eights, and from Nick Everritt who calls himself, The Quiet Man.  Not an ideal trait in a comedian I hear you say, but Everitt has his quiet man routine down to a fine art.

This is routine with a defined structure, and at the outset, we are introduced to this shy man persona, with a couple of impersonations, and jokes, which are ‘joke-splained’.  Getting the crowd involved is a big part of Everritt’s act, which is reliant upon being able to pull in a reasonable size audience, or the audience may feel that they are too large a part of the routine.  Luckily, our small audience is willing to participate, and offers up the repartee that a comedian depends upon.

Everritt’s Quiet Man persona is purposefully creepy, a weird, socially uncomfortable guy who finds it difficult to make friends or attract women.  His slow delivery, and strong eye contact adds to his strangeness, and it is a characteristic that he pulls of well. 

His routine is different, his material is varied, and his connection gradually builds with the audience, so that they feel comfortable joining in with the routine.  If I had to compare his demeanour and delivery to anyone, it would be Jack Dee.  His deadpan face, and kind of grumpy personality made me bring him to mind, but Everitt has put his own spin on this concept with success.  It’s well worth a look and keep tabs on Everritt’s future work.

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Reviewer: Caroline Worswick

Reviewed: 23rd August 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 3 out of 5.