Sunday, February 25

Nevergreen – Brighton Fringe

The wonderful’s Nevergreen, written by Gus Mitchell and directed by Eloise Poulton, is a hypnotising and beautiful online show, that tries to articulate the colossal fight we need to engage in to save our planet and everything that lives on it.

A one woman show, performer Katurah Morrish, switches between playing Rachel Carson and an objective narrator in today’s world who reveres Carson’s work. Physical theatre is blended with heart wrenching monologues, which create a truly original online show.

Technical issues about failing connections seen in numerous online shows now as a wry nod to today’s environment, are utilised to illustrate the overwhelming difficulties of communicating the massive issues connected with climate change.

As Morrish scribbles into a worn notebook with a pencil, her childlike curiosity piques and the therapeutic benefit of writing everything down, your hopes and fears, your methods and helplessness, is brought to the fore.

Haunting and beautiful imagery and animation, by Ana Zoob and Josh McClure respectively, pair with the stunning visuals of the performance itself, switching between a beautiful green wood and a simple bedroom where Morrish stares vulnerably into the camera.

Nevergreen is a poetic piece, with a deep respect and love for the natural world of birds and animals. Outlining the damage done by humankind and the chemicals used, there is a subtle violence to the piece which creates a palpable sense of melancholy. There is so much to do and Nevergreen creates a stark sense of bewilderment, but reminds you it must be done. Heartbreakingly poignant, this is a show which leave you thinking long after the woods have faded to black.

Nevergreen is being streamed by Brighton Fringe until 27th June 2021. Tickets are available here  

Reviewer: Donna M Day

Reviewed: 21st June 2021

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★