Tuesday, October 3

Nathan D’Arcy Roberts – Gilded Balloon Teviot 

Nathan D’Arcy Roberts’ show was an enjoyable experience that had me laughing throughout. With a casual approach, Roberts shared relatable stories that resonated with the audience. His mixed-race background provided an interesting lens through which he explored the topic of racism.

Roberts had a talent for finding humour in everyday situations, his storytelling had a natural and easygoing quality that made it easy to connect with. He smoothly transitioned from light-hearted subjects to more personal moments, discussing family dynamics and his father’s challenges with drugs.

A standout moment of the show was Roberts’ retelling of his trip to California, which had the audience laughing. His take on a fictional Honest advert brought a fun and imaginative element to the performance, showing his ability to put a unique spin on everyday scenarios.

Roberts maintained a rapport with the crowd, interacting with audience members and sharing insights on topics like reality TV shows and daily life experiences. His relaxed stage presence allowed him to connect effortlessly with the audience.

There were moments when Roberts spoke about deeper subjects, adding a touch of vulnerability to his routine. These moments provided a contrast to the lighter fare and showed his range as a comedian.

In summary, Nathan D’Arcy Roberts’ stand-up show offered light-hearted entertainment that brought laughter to the audience. With relatable stories and a personable approach, Roberts created a comfortable atmosphere that allowed us to enjoy a mix of humorous anecdotes and insights into his experiences.

Reviewer: Stephanie Dunk 

Reviewed: 13th August 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.