Thursday, February 29

Millennials – The Other Palace

A pink pop frenzy is the best way to describe Elliot Clay’s new pop song cycle Millennials, which has transformed the Studio of The Other Palace. Written and composed by Clay and directed by Hannah Benson, the musical tells the highs and lows of life as a millennial right now, from crippling social anxiety to first loves, the show packs in plenty in just over an hour.

The show features a small but strong cast which includes Hannah Lowther, Luke Bayer, Hiba Elchikhe, Georgina Onuorah, Luke Latchman and What’s Onstage award winner Rob Madge.

Designed by Andrew Exeter, the immersive set wowed the moment you walked through the curtain of pink pool noodles. There was a dizzying blend of sparkles, pink lights, inflatables, rubber ducks and slinkies everywhere. Normal seats were replaced with bean bags, cushions, a ball pit and even a dodgem, creating a more intimate space while the stage was fittingly shaped as a giant avocado with a mini trampoline as the stone. Exeter’s incredibly detailed design certainly embodied the Instagram-obsessed generation.

The whole cast brought energy and enthusiasm from the beginning, interacting with audience members before the show started, taking pictures, and chatting, the atmosphere was warm and relaxed.

Photo: Mark Senior

There is a fun mix of pop songs and dancing, with plenty of props like blow up balls and slinkies for the audience to enjoy. Clay’s song cycle, a series of catchy pop songs, did lack a bit of a unified story, which was still enjoyable, but some progression would’ve helped create a more solid and easy to follow plot.

Told entirely through song, standout moments included Rob Madge’s solo ‘Four Little Words’ about being kind, which was hilariously and masterfully performed, Madge has great comedic timing. Georgina Onuorah was sensational in love song ‘I Remember the Feeling’, her vocals and emotional execution were unmatched. Luke Latchman’s ‘Priceless’ about living at home and money struggles was funny yet painfully relatable. Luke Bayer, Hannah Lowther and Hiba Elchikhe were also enjoyable to watch, with brilliant vocals and dancing to match.

Although Millennials may lack a succinct storyline, with its relatable music, great cast and incredible set, those in the millennial age bracket will probably enjoy the short but sweet show which was entertaining to watch.

Millennials is running at The Other Palace Theatre until the 4th September. You can buy tickets at  

Reviewer: Gemma Prince

Reviewed: 14th July 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★