Sunday, July 14

Milk and Gall – Theatre 503

2016, a woman giving birth and an election. This play follows Vera, (MyAnna Buring) trying to understand being a mother in a very hopeless climate, one she certainly didn’t wish for and one she may have even decided to not have a child in- if she could start again.

We are with Vera as she experiences the first year of her child’s life, a very honest and open experience of what new mothers may experience with all the sharp edges and hidden corners. The struggles matched with the consistent worry of the outside world, the wanting to do more and fighting politics with her husband’s mother.

Photograph © Jane Hobson.

I thought this writing was fantastic, Mathilde Dratwa led us through this year beautifully well and never fell short to surprise us. Their view on this world is abstract and intelligent, I would like to see a moment in time through their eyes.

Equally matched with a strong, witty performance by Myanna Buring who breathed this performance so naturally, never once pushing to be with the audience as we were with her from the first word.

A real treat of a performance by Jenny Galloway who blew us all away with her humorous takes on our in-laws, such a joy to watch her.

A big congrats to everyone involved and a lovely experience at a glorious little theatre.

Playing until the 27th November 2021

Reviewer: Alice Rose

Reviewed: 9th November

North West End UK Rating: ★★★