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Midnight Tango – The Shows Must Go On

As part of the Shows Must Go On season, the 2011 production of Midnight Tango takes to the stage with a dazzling, vibrant and totally beguiling production. Framed by a simple tale of two people who meet at a seedy late night bar in Buenos Aires circa 1947 and eventually fall in love, this magnificent dance show is simply breath-taking both in concept and delivery.

Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace, both from Strictly Come Dancing lead the cast of eight other professional tango dancers in a superb sequence of both traditional and Argentine tango and they both prove to be two of the finest exponents of this complicated and passionate dance.

The show is produced by another Strictly legend Arlene Philips and superbly choreographed by Simone and Cacace who both brilliantly highlight the energy and sheer exuberance of each and every dancer within their intricate dance designs and patterns. Each performer displays sparkling wit & panache throughout this stylish and glamorous show but undoubtedly the stars of Midnight Tango are Simone and Cacace. They both perform with great technique and real flair – I simply cannot fault them at all, quite an extraordinary performance from both of the leads.

Even though there is just one set making the show seem rather static at times its has got to be said that the fantastic performances and spot on direction by Karen Bruce really make up for any slight discrepancies.

Special mention must be given to the excellent Tango Siempre who provide the beautiful latin music throughout and the excellent dancer Leonel Di Cocco as the love rival (a talent to look out for!).

A show for any dance lover and highly recommended.

Available from Friday 30th October 2020 from 7pm GMT for 48 hours only on YouTube.

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Reviewer: Kiefer Williams

Reviewed: 30th October 2020

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★★