Sunday, December 3

Me & Thee – Empty Space

Salford based theatre company Farewell Theatre opened their show Me & Thee at the Empty Space Theatre last night for a two-night run. The show was written by James Ward making his writing debut with this piece. Based on true events set in a flat after a night out. One played by Ross Thompson and Two played by Reece Hallam, had come home a bit worse for wear from a few cans of larger it also appeared after a few drinks they had become involved in a fight. Now we’ve all got friends who are a bit.. well.. eccentric and that was definitely Two. Two opened up about his past and the decisions he made, he wanted to see his son again, but he had to prove he had changed by going on the straight and narrow and not get involved with scams or drugs. Whilst One gave his account of what it was like being on the other side of the friendship. Feeling nervous to be left alone in a crack den while two went and done a job for 3 hours. Lending him money that he may or may not get back.

This show was thought provoking it made you think how people wind up in these situations. How hard it can be to make the right friend and the right choice. Above all it made me as an audience member who spur One on to stick up for himself tell Two how he really felt. Did he I hear you ask? Did he stick up for himself? Well go and watch it and find out.

This show has a lovely balance of true emotion and laughter. Ross held the audience in the palm of his hand he took us on an emotional journey and had us all on his side it seemed. Reece is a good comedic talent. He knows how to pull laughter out of the crowd even in the darkest and most serious of moments within the piece.

My advice on this show is to put it on again and for longer, get it in student universities. This needs to be seen, as a lot of people could probably relate to this. Having that choice of right or wrong and personal growth. I’d also say try to slow it down as some scenes I struggled to keep up with dialogue as it was being spoken so fast. I hope that James Ward continues to write, and we see more of his work because clearly, he has a unique talent for it and this is a piece to be proud of. If it comes back, then I’d happy come and see it again.

Reviewer: Luke Stephenson

Reviewed: 8th April 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★