Sunday, July 3

Magic Mike Live – Hippodrome Casino

For those of you that are familiar with the brand, the two Magic Mike films reinvigorated the art of the male strip tease that had not really been seen in the mainstream since the famous Chippendales thrust around world stages in the 80’s and 90’s. The reimagined movie concept was loosely based on the experiences of star Channing Tatum, who was an 18-year-old stripper in Tampa, Florida and now Tatum completes what he is previously billed as a “trilogy” with a live action stage show that he not only created, but also directs alongside Alison Faulk in London’s historical the Hippodrome.

For 120 years the Hippodrome has pushed the boundaries of how London entertains, and Magic Mike Live is no exception. From the opening scene, as the dancers begin their first number, with hip thrusts and pelvic gyrations, dressed as cops, cowboys and cavemen the audience are in for a true boundary pushing spectacle. 

Seated in the very intimate club-style setting around a small central stage, allowing for maximum viewing opportunity and close-up groin action, the audience are warmed up by an attentive team of all male waiters and free flowing alcohol before being catapulted into a hybrid production that crosses speedily the boundaries between cheap pantomime, cheesy boy band concert, and world class Cirque du Soleil performance. It is exactly what you would expect from an all-male review show, all amazingly fast paced and erratic, but calmed somewhat by the highly scripted, but nevertheless hilarious, raunchy humour of MC Sophie Linder-Lee.

Don’t misunderstand though, the choreography is amazing, the dancers are sculpted and toned to perfection and the production value is extremely high. These guys are talented dancers, showcasing styles from street dance through to tap dancing, lyrical/contemporary to ballroom and much more in between. There are also some brilliant, and at points insanely sexually intimate acrobatic scenes. The water performance between Manny Tsakanika and Hannah Cleeve was simply breath-taking. 

If you are expecting a night out at the theatre, this is the wrong production for you. It has sex appeal, lots of well-oiled flesh and maximum opportunity for the predominantly female audience to live out their fantasy of being energetically dry humped by a stranger far more good looking and with more muscles than the boyfriends or husbands they left at home. A girl’s night out for sure, and probably best experienced with a massive group of open-minded and close girlfriends after many cocktails.  If this is you, then snap up tickets for you and your friends here:  

Reviewer: Alan Stuart Malin

Reviewed: 8th July 2021

North West End UK Rating: ★★★