Tuesday, November 29

Macbeth – Epstein Theatre

Now I’ve never been a person to like Shakespeare or even understand it but the beauty about this job is my mind is open to all theatre. So, I went to watch Macbeth (otherwise known as the Scottish play) at Liverpool’s Epstein theatre.

It was a Daniel Taylor productions piece directed by Daniel Taylor himself. With local Liverpool actors and actress’s making up the cast.

In case you are not familiar with the story. Macbeth (Tomas Loftus) comes in to contact with 3 witches/weird sisters (Gillian Hardie, Kaitlin Howard and Helen Jeffery) who tells Macbeth that he is to be King. When his wife Lady Macbeth (Tracy Spencer) hears of this tale she encourages Macbeth to kill the current King Duncan so that the tale becomes a reality. Which almost gave the impression that lady Macbeth is the villain’s villain. Once the deed had been done Macbeth’s hands and daggers covered in blood Lady Macbeth tells Macbeth that the daggers should have been left at the scene, she herself gets involved and puts them back. They quickly change their clothes and wash their hands to cover up their terrible deed and act as if they’ve discovered the body by chance. Once he is King he begins to carry on his murderous trail organising the deaths of others with his henchman. 

The piece itself was immersive the Performers appeared from nowhere in the audience and you felt as if you were in the globe itself. The lighting added to the dramatic style of the story. Aiding to the text we’re some rather intense sword fights it really was a show of shows. As stated earlier I’m not a Shakespeare person but after watching this piece I’d happily watch it again and learn more of

William Shakespeare’s work. I do think thought that that was down to way the performers told their stories it kept it alive and engaging for someone like me who hasn’t really had much experience of Shakespeare.

Shout out to these incredible actors

Richard Cottier who played Macduff

Gareth Thomas – Banquao

Tom Halton – Donalbain

Micheal Hawkins – Lennox

Lenny Wood – Ross

Neville Cann – 1st Murderer

Elinor Jones – Gentlewomen

And a chorus of young actors I take my hat off to you all and thank you for encouraging me to explore more Shakespeare

Reviewer: Luke Stephenson

Reviewed: 6th October 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★★