Thursday, February 29

Lizard Boy announces its UK premiere casting

The UK cast for the new indie rock musical has been announced ahead of its UK premiere at Hope Mill Theatre in Manchester from 14th – 27th July 2022. Equal parts comic book lore and coming-of-age love story, Lizard Boy is the thrilling original rock musical that’s been called “Ingenious” (San Francisco Chronicle), “Phenomenal” (San Jose Mercury News), “Ferocious & Funny”(Seattle Times).

During a bizarre childhood accident, Trevor was drenched head to toe in dragon’s blood. Growing green and scaly skin, he withdrew from the world. Tonight—twenty years later—Trevor’s first date with a cute guy transforms into adventure of mythic proportions.

The UK cast is Anthony Rickman as Trevor, Alan Cammish as Caly and Sophie Reid as Siren, who playing alternate nights alongside the original US cast of Justin Huertas, Kirsten “Kiki” DeLohr Helland and William A. Williams, the hit show will make its UK premiere at Hope Mill Theatre in Manchester from 14th – 27th July 2022.

Lizard Boy will then travel up to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for a full run at the Big Yin, Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose from 5th – 28th August 2022.

Lizard Boy author, composer and star Justin Huertas said: “Lizard Boy was conceived when the late, great Jerry Manning commissioned me to write a small, simple solo show for Seattle Rep. I had never written anything before, and Jerry made one request: play your cello. Many years later—inspired by my love of comic book superheroes, with the help of my best friends, and with Jerry’s spirit watching over us—Lizard Boy has grown into the unique, dynamic, indie-rock musical that it is today. At their core, superhero stories are about transformation, identity, and difference—so the genre was a natural fit for me as a theatre maker and as a person of colour. With Lizard Boy, I set out to create a piece that is authentic to who I am as both. I hope, with their empathy and imagination as a guide, audiences will embrace Lizard Boy and celebrate its message: what makes you different makes you powerful. “

Justin commented on the Manchester performances: “It’s always been my dream to bring Lizard Boy around the world. I can’t wait to bring some Seattle magic to Manchester! I’m so excited to learn even more about this show from a brand-new audience. After so many months making art in my room, I can’t wait to share this story live in such a creative city as Manchester.”

Justin commented on the Edinburgh Fringe run: “Lizard Boy at the Edinburgh Fringe is a moment I’ve been dreaming of since we premiered this musical seven years ago in Seattle. After so many months making art in my room, I can’t wait to join the Fringe in person and share this story in a place that celebrates the arts so expansively. And on the 75th Anniversary! This is a dream come true!”



Venue: Hope Mill Theatre

Dates: 14th – 27th July 2022

Times: 19:30

Tickets: £15-£25 from


Venue: Big Yin, The Patter Hoose, Gilded Balloon

Dates: 5th – 28th August 2022

Times: 18:30

Tickets £14-£16 from