Sunday, September 24

Kirsty Mann: Skeletons – Pleasance Courtyard

Under the captivating pink lights, I found myself amidst a sold-out crowd, waiting for Kirsty Mann’s show. As the remix of pop songs set the tone, a voiceover boomed over the speakers.

Mann’s socially awkward interactions, presented through her relatable character comedy. Her wit was quick which created an atmosphere of shared hilarity. Whilst there was no direct audience interaction, Mann’s relatable stories had everyone nodding in agreement.

Mann skilfully built up her routine, weaving in accents that left the audience waiting for more. Also, a doctor by profession, she seamlessly integrated her medical experiences into her comedy act. She recounted the time she had to get changed in the back of a taxi, this, and many more antics of being both a doctor and a comedian.

Addressing the impact of COVID-19 on the NHS and its staff, she painted a heartfelt picture of the challenges faced by healthcare workers and their families.

With brilliant timing and a knack for entertaining stories, Kirsty Mann has an ability to seamlessly blend humour and sincere moments made for a great afternoon of entertainment. Mann’s unique style and engaging performance leave no doubt that she’s a rising star in the comedy world.

Reviewer: Stephanie Dunk

Reviewed: 12th August 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.