Tuesday, May 28

Kevin Quantum – Waldorf Astoria (The Caledonian Hotel), Edinburgh

A fantastic and intimate performance in front of an audience of just 30, by one of Edinburgh’s finest magicians kicks off this year’s Edinburgh Magicfest 2023, now in its 14th year. On top of the multiple shows involving Kevin and many other talented magicians over the next eleven days, he is also the programme director for Magicfest and recently a father as well! He is certainly juggling quite a few balls.

Kevin Quatum, once described by David Williams on Britain’s Got Talent, as ‘like a sexy Dr Who’ has come a long way from the Channel 4 show ‘faking It’ that launched his career in magic in 2006.         

An inexplicable an unexplainable levitation trick involving a dollar bill floating in midair is the undoubted star of the show tonight. A trick that defies physical reality and has the select audience literally gasping and perplexed, shaking their heads, and looking around the tiny room for mirrors, smoke, thread. Anything? But finding no clues.

Like the perfect crime, carried out by the perfect criminal, Kevin’s delivery is silky smooth, and his getaway is equally slick, and in the most part completely unfathomable.

Kevin Quantum has been honing his magic skills in Edinburgh for the last seventeen years, after giving up a PHD in Physics at Herriot-Watt University and is still seemingly defying Physics. He admits after the show, that the levitation trick is one of his favourites, but, with a perfectly serious face that ‘levitation is not easy’! It’s hard to know if he is joking!

Combining an easy wit with exceptional sleight of hand, Kevin looks back at some of the most famous tricks from the last century. Cards, coins and a glass bottle which inexplicably passes through a table in front of our eyes. Audience members reach out and touch the spot on the table, their eyes perplexed. Prepare to be entertained and astonished in equal measure.

Reviewer: Greg Holstead

Reviewed: 20th December 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.