Monday, November 28

JV2 2022 – Sadler’s Wells

JV2 2022 is a triple bill of poetry in motion, performed by 16 international dancers from Jasmin Vardimon Company’s Professional Development Diploma. The show presents the fantastic talent of the young performers who use physical language to show the complexities of human lives and societies.

‘Can you hear me now?’ by Mafalda Deville, co-created with the performers, starts off the show with a strong political dance theatre presentation. With terms such as ‘freedom’ and ‘power’ written across their bodies in different languages, the dancers move to the moans and sighs of their own voices. The live vocal sounds merge into recorded echoes, creating an eerie soundscape that draws the audience in. The struggle for freedom, especially freedom of speech, is embodied in the strong and energetic movement.

‘Marathon’ by Sabrina Gargano and Rafa Jagat (Elelie Company) showcases individual struggles; from being permitted access to opportunities to getting the perfect selfie. The audience witnesses the characters finding their strength and themselves through the process, linking back to the overarching theme of breaking free. While unison in movement is present from the beginning, the voices also come together in harmony as the piece culminates, giving a sense of community.

The final act by Jasmin Vardimon, ‘Tomorrow,’ is a tribute to her celebrated pieces. The most lyrical of the three, it creates beautiful imagery with white feathers flown, strewn and brushed around through the act.

JV2 2022 is a visual delight that deeply ‘moves,’ literally and metaphorically.

With a simple yet effective light design and an incredible passion for movement, a stronger narrative structure could help the show communicate its message more powerfully. All in all, it is a treat for all who rejoice in movement.

Reviewer: Aditi Dalal

Reviewed: 8th May 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★