Tuesday, April 23

Jacksons Lane starts redevelopment programme

Jacksons Lane begins a new chapter as works start on the capital redevelopment programme that will transform the building into a state-of-the-art centre for performance, participatory arts and contemporary circus

Since September, over 100 artists have been rehearsing, creating and filming work around Jacksons Lane, with space provided free of charge

On the final day before construction work begins, Jacksons Lane welcomes its artists of tomorrow, the Youth Board aged 12 to 19 for a day of creation

In early 2020 Jacksons Lane secured the funding needed to begin its ambitious capital redevelopment project and transform the building into a state-of-the-art centre for contemporary circus, community engagement and events. The 9th November marks the final day before that work begins.

Jacksons Lane has received £2.1 million from ACE’s Large Capital Grants scheme, funded by the National Lottery, and £1.25 million from Haringey Council, to complete the project.

For the past 2 months the building has welcomed circus artists to rehearse and create new work offering complimentary resources to support artists during the pandemic. The building has been alive with creativity and energy in the run up to the next stage of its development.

During these months, Jacksons Lane donated over 1,200 of in-kind time and development space. As a result, more than 36 brand new contemporary works have emerged.

On Monday 9th November, to mark the time before building work commences, Jacksons Lane Youth Board, the artists of the future, will take over the centre for a day of creation and celebration.

Adrian Berry, Artistic Director and joint CEO said: “It has been a thrilling and fitting way to spend the last couple of months, with a building full of world-beating circus artists creating new work, despite the world being in chaos. I am grateful to the ACE Emergency fund for helping us provide this opportunity to these artists. It was the perfect end to the building’s most recent chapter, before it embarks on the next part of its exciting journey to become the UK’s best equipped and world-renowned centre for contemporary circus. We look forward to welcoming the artists and the public back into the building in September next year.”

The building will reopen in September 2021 following a ten-month redevelopment.

During closure, Jacksons Lane will continue to be active in the community off site and its fundraising efforts also continue in order to equip and fit out the newly redeveloped building to meet its future needs.

Executive Director and joint CEO Monique Deletant said: ‘Whilst we are truly grateful for all the funding we have managed to secure to date, we acknowledge that these are (to put it mildly) challenging times for our industry and that we are incredibly lucky to be in this position at this time. We’re closing temporarily, and for positive reasons. However, we hope that good news is also welcome right now, and we will have funds to raise to complete our vision. We look forward to keeping in touch and continuing to help artists, audiences and the community throughout this period and to welcoming everyone back through our doors when the work is done.’

Working with renowned Architects Citizens Design Bureau, the redevelopment aims to push the boundaries of artistic excellence with spaces that are inspiring and beautiful, practical and accessible. The new Jacksons Lane will be environmentally sustainable will nurture curiosity in the Arts by future proofing the spaces and operational systems for the next generation and welcome even more people through its doors to participate, experience, learn, work and socialise. The vision is to be welcoming, inspiring and accessible to everyone, more visible and inviting, and more reflective of its personality and ambition. A combination of urgent repairs and internal decluttering will ensure the building’s heritage is valued and protected.                                             

For details of the redevelopment programme, click here https://www.jacksonslane.org.uk/whats-on/major-redevelopment-project