Friday, July 1

I Know, I Know, I Know – Southwark Playhouse

I Know, I Know, I Know, at the Southwark Playhouse was originally in place for The Vaults festival however with this year’s cancellation has moved. Starring Ethan Moorhouse, Hannah Khalique-Brown and Martha Watson Allpress, we are split between two locations: one where friends drive to a wedding discussing the success of the band they created and the other we watch a young woman writing the article, expressing her experience with this band member from the age of 16. The two scenes run side by side, weaving through each other as we grasp on what is truth and who could be lying. The tragedy of this piece is its relevance and the violence against the victims who come forward.

It can take some attention to keep up with the pace of this piece, the rhythm is very tight and so harmonious with each other as they speak over and around each other’s scene which brings a lot of impact when they finally collide together. I really feel like the text in itself has a life of its own and stands as a really impressive tool from the writer, Flora Wilson Brown.

Photo ©Ellie Kurttz

The themes of this piece are intense, we all can understand the impact of this type of influence from a idyllic figure but the tragedy really lay in the lack of hope for a future that this leaves the victims with. The fact it happened is difficult enough but to watch the success of that same person leaves a massive hole which people don’t care to fix as it destroys the illusion of the person they believe them to be. Not only for the victims but we watch the best friend of the abuser finally give in to the truth of the situation which you could argue they chose to ignore for comfort to live in the glory of their success.

A painfully relevant and moving piece.

Playing until 16th April,

Reviewer: Alice Rose

Reviewed: 9th April 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★