Thursday, June 20

HUNCHtheatre’s ‘Still Life’ – Buy Art not Socks!

HUNCHtheatre celebrated their 2nd birthday earlier this year, but due to two lockdowns their creative wings have been severely clipped, which also means their income has reduced dramatically.   In spite of this, during the summer they used outdoor spaces such as an abandoned outdoor swimming pool for theatrical creations, they held outdoor readings, and performed their play ‘A Hero Of Our Time’ in a West End abandoned church in typical HUNCHtheatre style.

Even though they have kept busy with these outdoor shows, they have also kept in touch with their Belarus branch by utilising online resources, and this is something that they dearly wish to continue, but without any funding from the state, they need help from their supporters, i.e. YOU!

Artistic Directors Oliver Bennett and Vladimir Shcherban have worked together to produce a book called ‘Still Life’ which was created during lockdown.  Recreating 12 paintings using everyday materials and simple photographic techniques, they have been able to imitate masterpieces and neglected pieces of art and have reproduced these stills into a book called ‘Still Life’.  Bennett has also written text to go with the re-imaginings offering his advice in context with the artistic stills.  Who knows, these artistic musings may help you to re-focus upon helping you through this challenging period, and the tips on how to re-create these stills, may help inspire you to create your own imaginative art.

The book is on sale now and would make an ideal Christmas present, whilst also helping this vital theatre company to continue with their exciting future plans.  To buy the book go to their website and whilst there, take a look at their previous work and what adventures are yet to come!