Sunday, February 25

Howerd’s End – The Golden Goose, Camberwell

Howerd’s End is a heartfelt story of love, acceptance and the use of humour as a way of masking the truth and revealing it. An emotional story of the story of a deceased popular comedian who comes back to visit his long time romantic and life partner, to go through an emotional journey through self love and self discovery and acceptance; in regards of sexuality, age, societal relevance and value. It encourages the audience to live life well, to let go of regrets and self doubt which are holding you back and explore the depth inside themselves. The show had regular laughs throughout and the comedic timing of both Simon Cartwright and Mark Farrelly was consistently great as well as their ability to hold tension in the room.

This story also portrays how vulnerable comedians can be; neurotic, self sabotaging, embracing unhappiness as a brand or a lifestyle, to take inspiration and creativity from an ongoing suffering of not being able to be happy by truly lovingly embrace themselves or others. A story of someone trying to get love, acceptance and to be able to life live to the fullest with someone (the comedian) who appears to be incapable of loving themselves or embracing the love of others. Leading to regular sacrifices and constant reassurances of love, which are often met with denial and hostility.

One character embraces a journey of self discovery so that they can embrace love and life, to live the rest of your their life in a happy and enriching way. The journey show’s life with his partner and popular comedian, who is frequently trying to feel valid as a person; in regards of his age, sexuality and as a comedian. It’s a sad story of someone trying to get love and acceptance from someone who struggles to like and love themselves, so finds it difficult to embrace love from others and especially romantic love.

The story is similar to the ghost of Christmas past going through the memories/experiences of the past to lead someone to an Epiphany. This show is more of a love story with a partner as well as oneself, and the epiphany is more about identity, love and self acceptance. The epiphany of the show is to live your life well; don’t wait to be happy, embrace experiences, accept yourself, be honest to and about yourself so that you can live a happy and authentic life. I would recommend seeing this production if you’re looking for something heartfelt, funny and with an inspiring message.

Reviewer: Andrew Tubman

Reviewed: 1st November 2020

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★