Tuesday, October 3

Hendrix and Us – The Jazz Bar (Venue No.57)

Scottish jazz-funk guitarist Aki Remally presents this ear-shattering and mind-blowing tribute to Hendrix. Just like Hendrix, Remally and his crew expertly navigated the binary between rock and jazz creating a sound that was both delicate and powerful. His singing was so alike Hendrix that when Remally spoke between songs his Scottish accent was a (pleasant) surprise. The other musicians were also incredible, and they all worked together like organs in a body to bring the band to life.

Although it is impossible to pick a favourite from this set-list the impromptu addition of Red House featuring meandering interludes on the electric guitar was incredible. Whilst All Along the Watchtower was a crowd-pleaser with its funky riffs. Throughout, the performers played with passion which made the show feel special as both musicians and audience were coming together to celebrate a love for Hendrix. However, the show would also be enjoyable for any music-fan and is certain to convert non-listeners into Hendrix enthusiasts.

The acoustics of the Jazz Bar were, as per usual, excellent and although the venue was small the energy emulated that of a much bigger stadium, creating a rock-concert feel within the cellar-like bar. I was impressed that the musicians kept the momentum going for 90 minutes as I was tiring by the end having stood throughout. This would have been equally as enjoyable as a 60-minute show or just head early to secure a seat.

Reviewer: Amy Rose Holstead

Reviewed: 9th August 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.