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Happily Ever After – Online@theSpaceUK

Better Day Productions’ Happily Ever After from @theSpaceUK’s new season of online shows explores the story of bride to be Jasmin as she plans her special day with the help of Wedding Planners Frank and Gary.

Written in a mockumentary style, the show begins by focusing on couple Frank (James Coare) and Gary (Perry Pullman) who were inspired by their own dreamy Disney-themed wedding to create their own wedding planning company. The light-hearted banter between Frank and Gary is definitely a highlight of the show. Filled with plenty of energy and hilarious one-liners, Coare’s performance as Frank was a standout for me. My favourite line was when we first meet the couple. Frank describes Gary as “the missing part of my Polo mint”, simple but performed perfectly and it really made me laugh.

We then meet Jasmin (Emma Garnett), the sweet and naïve young bride hoping for the day of her dreams. Jasmin’s more subdued character balances out Frank’s larger than life ‘no filter’ personality. Frank adopts the role of “Uncle Frankie”, seeing himself as his answer to Jasmin’s Fairy Godmother. Although I felt for Jasmin being so trusting, it was rather funny how far Frank was from being her shoulder to cry on, the business was no doubt his top priority.

Although hilariously over the top, (think Cam from Modern Family) Frank did at times overshadow the other characters, especially Gary. Some of the throwaway jokes and language would probably not be everyone’s cup of tea, particularly the mention of Jasmin needing a wax before her big day. However, it certainly stayed true to the often inappropriate and at times awkward tone that mockumentaries are known for.

As the plot unfolds, you can’t help but feel sympathy for poor Jasmin. Her desire for her own “happily ever after”, despite the glaringly obvious issues with her absent fiancé Wayne (who we never actually see), was at times, hard to watch. Garnett’s performance as the doting fiancé who would do anything to make her relationship work feels painfully real and gives the show an extra layer of seriousness that is certainly needed, despite being light-hearted overall.

For a show that’s less than 30 minutes long, the performance packs in plenty of funny moments typical of a mockumentary piece such as the silent assistant April (Amanda Davies) whilst exploring the relationship of and between two couples. The questions whether happily ever after can ever truly exist. No couple is perfect and Happily Ever After shows exactly that, minus the cynicism, making it an enjoyable watch.

Happily Ever After is being streamed on Online @theSpaceUK until 31st January 2021.

Reviewer: Gemma Prince

Reviewed: 16th January 2021

North West End UK Rating: ★★★