Tuesday, April 23

God of Carnage – OSO Arts Centre

Children get themselves into a bucketload of trouble these days. Yet can we blame them? After all, their loving, nurturing, “responsible” parents seem to do even worse…

“God of Carnage” follows Alain and Anette Reile and Veronique and Michel Vallon (two seemingly happy, married couples) as they meet to attempt resolving a scuffle between their sons. We watch as their demeanours fade from respectable and polite to reckless and crude to a point where the situation at hand is forgotten and replaced with, well to say the least: Carnage. As the train speeds along beside the Vallon home, one wonders if discussion will get back on track.

I was personally enthralled by this adaptation performed at the OSO Arts Centre. The staging of this production perfectly complemented its naturalistic style of acting. It allowed the audience to be up close and personal with the action, in turn making the experience intimate and intense at points. This intensity truly allowed itself to shine due to the lack of underscoring music. The only sound effect played was the blaring aforementioned train that signalled the end and beginning of narratives in the characters and chapters in the story.

Photo: Giacomo Giannelli

The progress of the descent into anarchy was also displayed in the set design. Starting neat with colourful furniture and décor alongside niche books which eventually get thrown around, trodden on and even thrown-up on.

I must commend the brilliant actors on their ability to immerse an audience. Rosie Edwards, Malcolm Jeffries, Luke Mazzamuto and Emily Outred do an exceptional job of transforming fully into their respective characters with their gesture, voice and facial expressions. This all collectively in a naturalistic style made me forget I was watching theatre, rather a raw, natural exchange happening for the very first time.

Overall God of Carnage is a thrilling and unparalleled production that I would recommend in a heartbeat.

Reviewer: Julia Panova

Reviewed: 27th February 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★★