Tuesday, April 23

Get Dressed! – Unicorn Theatre

Get Dressed! is an inventive, fun, and friendly show which tells the story of a young girl (Marieme Diouf) and her father (Joseph Barnes-Phillips) navigating family life. The show explores a young girl finding her identity through her wardrobe, her surroundings as she learns how to dress herself.

The show is energetic and warm, with the set being used to its fullest, allowing for the actors to move around and interact with each other playfully. Amongst the set is a bed, climbing frame, a chest, climbing wall and the most interactive of all, the washing machine. Diouf moved around the stage effortlessly, making it believable that the stage was her home.

Lighting and sound was used beautifully throughout, working well with the staging, and allowing the audience to be fully engaged in the story. The children in the audience were fascinated by the lights and special effects, the ever-growing flowers and ‘monster’ washing machine provided great interest.

The chemistry between Barnes-Phillips and Diouf was palpable and authentic, their relationship clear from the start. Barnes-Phillips as the doting but firm father, was characterised well. His portrayal was comical which the children in the audience enjoyed but also relatable, his subtle facial expressions gaining laughs from older audience members.

Diouf was captivating as Barnes-Phillips’ daughter; her physicality and characterisation of a child was spot-on. Her performance was convincing as a child learning how to dress herself and exploring her surroundings, and it was forgettable that she was in fact an adult. Her facial expressions, gestures and movement was consistent throughout the show, making her character captivating and enjoyable to watch.

This show is an effortless and touching exploration of the relationship between parent and child. Both adults and children will enjoy this performance as it speaks to each equally.

Get Dressed! is playing at the Unicorn Theatre until 12th June 2022, tickets can be purchased from: https://www.unicorntheatre.com/events/get-dressed

Age: 2-5

Reviewer: Maani Way

Reviewed: 19th May 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★