Saturday, December 9

Fruit Salad – GM Fringe Online

Cherry and Peaches, two fruits which wonderfully complement each other. Or perhaps Cherry and Peaches, the two friends who at first glance don’t seem remotely similar but at the core have a unity that’s imperishable. Or at least that’s what we thought…

Fruit Salad follows a friendship that formed over their fruity names and fruity nature. We watch as the two meet up from their late teens to early twenties to catch up over cheap wine in their favourite pub. Soon enough they both move to different universities, make new friends, fall in love with new people and ultimately see one another less. Cherry seems to have it all together and worries for ‘Princess Peach’ seeing as her life is falling apart. One does wonder if their lives will ever get back on the same page, or perhaps if it’s the end of the line for the both.

I thoroughly enjoyed this one-hour long performance as a part of the ‘Greater Manchester Fringe’ line-up. The chemistry between actresses Selina Helliwell and Mary Taylor was truly splendid. As a viewer I believed every laugh, fight and raw emotion of the two characters, they immersed me into their own little world of trials and tribulations, and I enjoyed every second of it.

For an online performance I was pretty impressed by the camera work. There were moments when a character would break the fourth wall and talk to the camera (the audience) as if we were a barman or someone of a similar nature making us feel as if we are a part of the action.

The progress of time was demonstrated with the sound design and costume. Between every scene there was a sound effect of a clock ticking during a short blackout and once we can see the stage again, we see the characters in different attire. This clearly shows the viewer how the characters change while time progresses.

Overall ‘Fruit Salad’ engaged me in a story of heart-breaking moments, a beautiful friendship and comedic nature that left a sweet taste in my mouth.

Fruit Salad continues on demand until the 30th September via

Reviewer: Julia Panova

Reviewed: 2nd September 2021

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★