Saturday, September 30

Frank Skinner: 30 Years of Filth – Assembly George Square

I entered the venue first which meant I got to watch hundreds of people flood in and fill the room , everyone was chatting to me and each other about times they had been to Skinner’s shows before, this was my first time, but the enthusiasm of the other audience members put me at ease, I got the idea it was going to be a highly entertaining and laughter filled hour, what I didn’t realise was, I would be sat repeating his jokes to my friends later and laughing all over again. 

The audience was star studded with other well-known comedians there to support Skinner giving the whole evening a touch of stardom. On the stage in the spotlight stood a lone microphone, in moody blue light – like a rockstar ready to roll.

The atmosphere was lively, thanks to the upbeat music setting the mood. And then, in strolls Skinner, and the place lights up with an electric buzz, the audience cheers. He tells tales that unwrap his life’s crazy twists, in a colourful and candid way that is hilarious yet very relatable. strong language is peppered throughout which only added to the audience reaction, we came for 30 years of filth and that’s exactly what we got. 

Skinner’s got this knack for being naturally funny. He takes us on a trip down memory lane, reflecting on how comedy changed over the years. His stories are woven seamlessly with personal experiences and musings on the ever-evolving comedy landscape.

His storytelling is seamless, you can tell it’s been well polished over the years. In just a few hours, Frank Skinner paints a picture of life’s relatable absurdities proving once and for all that a well-crafted laugh is a timeless gem.

Reviewer: Stephanie Dunk

Reviewed: 10th August 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.