Wednesday, December 6

Foundations – New Wimbledon Theatre

As part of a series of Fringe shows, WrongTree Theatre and Ultraviolet Production’s Foundations had its one-night run at the snug New Wimbledon theatre studio. MJ finds herself dissatisfied with her workplace and out of curiosity, wanders around the factory where she discovers another factory within a different world. This coraline-esque show is dazzling in its fluidity and imagination. It is a tale of friendship but also offers insights about humankind, stimulating for both children and adults.

The simple but captivating plot was easy to follow, and the writing was accessible and flowed well. The concept is unique whilst also evoking nostalgia as it reminds me of Charlie and Lola which I watched growing up.

The cast brought vividly brought their world to life with cleverly co-ordinated sequences where each character slotted in and out of spaces like efficient machinery. Directors AV Bodrenkova and Aimee Dickinson did a brilliant job of co-ordinating the ensemble. Rory Gee and Olivia Swain were stunning in their puppetry work, they imbued their characters with naivety and innocence. Charlie Culley’s MJ was enthusiastic, energetic and excitable, the perfect protagonist for an adventure story. 

Hannah Lyton was particularly precise in her movements and as Yann, she was authoritative and made for a warm, relatable antagonist. Josh Powell’s sound design was sparky and electric, it felt like being in a video game as we are immersed in the robotic world.

With clever parallels between robots and humans, Foundations is an existential piece with impressive physical theatre which pieces together an imagined world. Inspiring and refreshing in the different perspectives it portrays, anyone would enjoy this cleverly devised play.

Reviewer: Riana Howarth

Reviewed: 5th June 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★