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Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World – The Lowry

“Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World,” playing at The Lowry, is a musical celebration of history’s most influential women, set against an impressive and dynamic backdrop that blends traditional and modern theatrical elements.

A standout aspect of the show is the music, which involves the talent of Miranda Cooper, known for penning hits for girl groups like Girls Aloud and Sugababes. Her influence is evident in the catchy, sassy songs that form the backbone of the musical. These numbers, characterised by a strong group dynamic, are one of the production’s most significant strengths. The choruses, where the cast sings together, are particularly impactful, showcasing a harmonious and energetic unity that outshines the individual performances.

Elena Breschi’s roles as Marie Curie and Frida Kahlo are a highlight, with her portrayal of Kahlo marking a high point in the show. Breschi’s performance captures Kahlo’s essence with a passionate intensity that resonates deeply. For me it was only after the song ‘World of Colour’ that the musical really found its groove.

Photo: Pamela Raith Photography

However, the lead role of Jade, played by Georgia Grant Anderson, does not reach the same standard. Anderson’s performance lacks the vocal and interpretative depth necessary to make Jade a compelling central figure, resulting in her character often feeling like a bystander in the unfolding narratives.

Despite some pacing issues and the underutilisation of the lead character, the musical is an overall success. The set design is visually stimulating, and the ensemble cast, especially during the group songs, delivers a vibrant and engaging performance.

In conclusion, “Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World” is an educational and enjoyable musical experience. The involvement of Miranda Cooper in the music creation adds a distinctive and appealing touch, and while there are areas for improvement, the show is a commendable celebration of female empowerment and historical significance.

Fantastically Great Women continues at The Lowry until 7th January. For tickets, please visit

Reviewer: Brian Madden

Reviewed: 7th December 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.