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Doctor Who: Time Fracture – Unit HQ, London

17 different worlds, 43 live actors, around two hours and one mission; to save the universe. You’ve been selected by the Doctor to join the Unified Intelligence Taskforce, also known as UNIT, to investigate the time fracture. The rift in time and space is becoming out of control. There’s not long left before it destroys all of existence! In this story there needs to be a hero, and this time, it’s you.

The Doctor Who experience, presented by Immersive Everywhere, is a masterpiece of promenade theatre. Whilst similar types of production exist, you have never seen one on this scale before. Catering to a beloved fanbase who know the details and expect perfection, I think what they get is pretty close.

From the outside it looks like an ordinary warehouse, but, predictably, the building is bigger on the inside. Twists and turns take you to distinctive eras of time and space, and the dazzling maze of rooms seems never ending. In a theatre, you can see the lighting rigs and speakers, but you are asked to forget this and enjoy a show. This is not the same. There must be excessive amounts of technical equipment in each room, but I did not see them. The team have done a remarkable job at making sure that you are fully immersed and that the worlds seem real.

I won’t give too much away (spoilers), but Whovians will surely delight in the Easter eggs dotted around the production. Forgive me my vagueness, but on strict instructions no volunteer can divulge what happens inside the UNIT base. Also, I wouldn’t want to give you details of my own experience, as it is going to differ greatly from someone else’s. There are so many routes, characters and multiple timelines to explore, so everybody will have their own “wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey” adventure.

Familiar pieces of music and atmospheric lighting accompany some vital plot-points that definitely stirred up emotions in this fan (word of advice to fellow Whovians; bring some tissues). From dark to light rooms, conversations to commanding addresses, everything is designed to make sure you have no problem witnessing the goings on.

You are definitely thrown in at the deep end. Designed to engage, a lot of information is thrown at you in the first few minutes and not in the calmest of manners (the universe is at stake of course). Flashing lights, gathering crowds, yelling; it is overwhelming, but I cannot say that it isn’t exciting. Regardless of whether you’re up to date on your Doctor who knowledge, or have just heard of the show, the actors are great at accommodating the unsure whilst also welcoming the more eager parties. It’s an all-consuming interactive experience, and even on my best behaviour, I couldn’t help getting involved!

To only speak of the actors’ ability to give information would be an absolute discredit to them. The acting is first-class. Masterful at improvising, the actors guide and involve the crowds in their journey through the differing worlds. Whilst the audience are entranced, the actors are fully submerged themselves, whether they are a scientist, pig-man or Ood. Not a spoiler, don’t worry, they’re on the poster. The actors exude an openness, always making you feel in safe hands. Helpful when you come across some of the Doctor’s nemeses on your travels. A nerve-wracking yet thrilling experience, I can tell you!

A technical marvel and a perfect plot make this a wonderful experience for all ages. It is, put simply, a Doctor Who fan’s fever dream come to life. Now, are you ready to save the universe? Allons-y!

Booking until 22nd April 2022

Reviewer: Coral Mourant

Reviewed: 8th December 2021

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★

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