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Diversity Connected Tour – Alexandra Theatre

I don’t know about you, but 13 years have flown by. It feels like only yesterday it was 2009 and Diversity was winning Britain’s Got Talent. Since then, they have gone from strength to strength and have become extremely successful.

Now, Diversity is back with an extravaganza of a show. As promised on their last tour, this one is bigger and better than ever! Fans will not be disappointed at this spectacle of a show which is full of powerful and energetic routines. This new show centres around social media, the internet, and the new digital world that we now find ourselves living in. It is aptly named Connected, highlighting how we are all interlinked no matter where we are in the world thanks to this new digital age. This is cleverly done by intertwining visuals alongside video messages and the use of technological devices. The show has a lot of props as well, which the dancers handle with ease, adding another dynamic layer to their performances.

Creator and choreographer Ashley Banjo has fronted the group since its humble beginnings. Since their TV win Diversity has become a leading name in the world of dance and broken so many barriers, inspiring generations of new dancers. Diversity is more than just a dance group; they are pioneering the way forward and changing the space within dance. There is a clear bond when they all dance on stage together, and it feels like they are a family unit dancing as one. They challenge stereotypes and surpass expectations, this show being no different. For them, it is more than just performing they want to educate and innovate. And this can be seen on the stage with the vast variety of talent that they have to display.

I must admit the initial opening sequence of the show is a little disjointed and at times the production became a little distracting and detracted from the dancing. However, Diversity is at their best when they’re dancing. Their performances are stylish, sexy, and sophisticated. They had some choreography reminiscent of Charlie Chaplin’s comedic routines, as well as choreography to highlight female empowerment. Towards the end of the show, they performed a stripped-down version of their Black Lives Matter routine, which was met with a wave of applause.

This show is a thrilling night out and it doesn’t disappoint. If you are a big fan of Diversity or love dance and being creatively challenged, then this is for you. This show has something for everybody, and as I was in the audience, I could see a variety of people from all walks of life enjoying this show. There are even a few surprises and highlighter moments that you wouldn’t want to miss. I would implore anybody to go and see this production because the theme of being connected is so relevant now and it’s very interesting to see this portrayed through movement.

Diversity Connected Tour continues between 14th – 16th April 2022 and 13th – 14th June 2022 at The Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham Box office:

Reviewer: Priya Gupta

Reviewed: 14th April 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★