Wednesday, July 6

Desperate Scousewives 3: Howdy Neighbour – Floral Pavilion

The girls are back with the third instalment of Desperate Scousewives and the laughs are back with them!

Trisha’s son, Luke, is turning 16 and Trisha wants the party to be perfect. She has also made it to the finals of the local karaoke contest and her life, as she knows it depends on her winning. Sue and Nessa have been sent for the cake with £280 from Trisha, but they’ve managed to get themselves ‘locked’ in the pub. Lil is not happy and will not go back to bed until she’s found where the girls are. Of course, chaos ensues and we are taken on a hysterical journey over the course of the day.

Lynne Fitzgerald has once again written a piece that resonates with Merseyside audiences and has them leaving with a stomach ache from laughing so much. There was a moment where she forgot her own line and also when some music wasn’t played, but she kept in character throughout, and it added to the enjoyment of the evening. She was also extremely quick at responding to a drunken heckler in the audience too. How she managed to stay in character the whole time was so impressive and is definitely something to be celebrated.

With Hollie McGann as Nessa, Kate McAuliff as Lily and Paula Muldoon as Trisha, we are shown the talents and comedic timing of these four women. The whole audience went wild when McGann belted out a rewritten scouse version of ‘Sitting on the dock of the bay’, which was totally unexpected from the perception of her character. The cast all bounced off each other and really pulled the audience in on the journey with them.

Whilst the show is not for the feint-hearted, there’s a lot of rude jokes and choice language, the whole team has put together a fabulous evening, that sets up Liverpool culture, in a loving way. I’m pretty sure most people in Merseyside have encountered women like the Desperate Scousewives in their day-to-day lives and this show is definitely for those who are open-minded and happy to set themselves up. The fourth instalment is bound to be just as, if not funnier than the third. You are guaranteed an entertaining evening in the hands of these four hilarious ladies, you don’t even need the wine, they’re bound to provide the alcopop of your choosing for you!

Reviewer: Jenn McKean

Reviewed: 15th April 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★