Thursday, September 28

Dame Fanny And Her Fabulous Friends – Liverpool Theatre Festival

It’s pride weekend in Liverpool, a weekend of love, acceptance and unity. I was at another show within the programme of the Liverpool Theatre Festival at St Luke’s Bombed out Church. It was Dame Fanny and her friends Violet P and Debbie. Advertised as a family show. I didn’t know what to expect but what I got blew my mind. It was funny, engaging and ‘off the cuff’.

Dame Fanny came out in a gorgeous dress in LGBTQ+ colours and welcomed her audience with open arms. She used her quick-fire wit when speaking to the audience and kept them in check. Fanny encouraged audience members to take the stage and show of talents for prizes to be won including a framed signed photo of Dame Fanny and a family trip to ArCains games. The audience and Fanny were very supportive of those who got up and showed their talents. A particular highlight within the show was seeing human pinball, which is as crazy as it sounds. All audience members stood on their feet and answered questions until it was whittled down to 4 who then had to get the highest score by throwing soft balls to get a maximum score.

This show bought together audience members, advocated individuals and bought raucous laughter. Everything that pride is and always will be. Dame Fanny, shared with us some thought provoking poetry which had the audience in the palm of her hand. The only negatives I can think of within this show is that the lip syncing from Violet P and Debbie, wasn’t the best it was a little out of time and some costumes didn’t look like they were adjusted properly.

The only other negative is that I wish it was longer in duration and run. Dame Fanny, spoke how her shows for adults are usually hours long which I’d love to see. However, she has proved that there is a place for family friendly shows, and I encourage her to do more of them as well as adults.  When I say the negatives, I’m really clutching at straws here because it was a great show, amazing content and stellar performance. She teased she maybe back next time and if she is I will be there watching and bringing my partner and friends.

Happy pride everyone.

Reviewer: Luke Stephenson

Reviewed: 30th July 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.