Thursday, April 25

Corrie legend Paula Lane stars in Oldham Coliseum Theatre’s revival of Jim Cartwright’s Road

Corrie legend Paula Lane leads a strong case for Oldham Coliseum Theatre’s timely revival of Jim Cartwright’s raw and powerful Road.

Well-oiled narrator Scullery takes the audience along his run down Lancashire road in 1987 where’s no jobs and little hope. but there’s a party to go to that’ll take you from the gutter to the stars and back again. Sound familiar?

Ironically Paula Lane who was Kylie Platt in the Street plays the equally feisty Lane in Road and is joined by Coliseum regular Richard J Fletcher as feckless Scullery.

Lancashire playwright Jim Cartwright’s debut play mixture of humour and pathos was voted third best play of the 1980s being revived many times, and even being produced at the Lincoln Centre in New York featuring cast Kevin Bacon and Joan Cusack.  

John Askew doubles up as Professor/Jerry, Zoe Iqbal is Louise, Shaban Dar takes on Skin Lad/Barry/Louise’s brother, Alyce Liburd plays Clare, Kofi Dennis comes in as Bisto/Blowpipe and Claire Storey is Molly/Helen.

Road is directed by Gitika Buttoo who helmed Love N Stuff at Coliseum, and the production runs from 16th September – 1st October.

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