Friday, February 23

Comedy Night at the Museum – Gilded Balloon

Comedy Night at the Museum is a hilarious illuminating romp through a litany of exhibits at the National Museum of Scotland. We were guided through this adventure by a smart and witty host. There was some audience interaction and some sharp jokes right from the offset. The host invited a group of ‘professors‘ in the form of a variety of stand-up comedians to come on stage and review slides of museum exhibits and give their ‘academic’, ‘professional’ and …entirely incorrect opinions and interpretations of items from the museum leading to some absolutely absurd, side splitting, hysterical tangents and some bizarre outcomes.

The narrative was pushed forward by some intellectual questioning from our host which only served to make these explanations become ever stranger and more ludicrous. This is a great formula for a show, and I found myself wondering how this hadn’t made it onto tv yet. It seemed as though both the host and comedians were enjoying themselves and laughing along with the peculiar twists and turns of their own made up descriptions.  We also got to learn a bit about some of the real exhibits and what their true purposes were.

This was a very funny, absurdist, improvised cavort through some intriguing artifacts and a compelling ride into the lies and stories by these stand ups.  Comedy Night at the Museum was a well structured show with a seasoned host and some hilarious outcomes! An excellent mix of the absurd observations, quick wit and good silly fun!

Playing until 28th August, further information and tickets can be found HERE.

Reviewer: Kat Clifford

Reviewed: 18th August 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★★