Tuesday, July 16

Come Together – Liverpool’s Royal Court

Liverpool came together last night at the Royal Court Theatre to hear the Lennon and McCartney songbook. Written by Tom Connor and Mark Newnham who were playing The Beatles frontman, they came on to the stage and immediately included the audience with their relaxed approach and engaged with us as if we were all friends on the famous rooftop having a chat about how the lads came up with the songs that are famous among the Liverpool streets and the world.

The lads gave us an insight into how Epstein was an influence on their career as well as how the songs almost sounded before Epstein tweaked it for example, ‘love me do’ Lennon was meant to sing the titled line. However, John couldn’t play the harmonica and sing it at the same time so gave the line to Paul and the rest is as they say history. Another interesting fact with the lads was that they agreed from the start, that all the songs written were under the Lennon and McCartney title, it didn’t matter if it was written by Paul or John, they both got the credit. Although later in their careers you could tell which one was a Lennon and which one was a McCartney as Paul wanted to keep it jokey such as the song ‘Paperback Writer’.

This show is a must not only for a Beatles fan or historian but a music lover of any kind, just hearing how the songs were inspired and how they formed from certain ideas to possibly finish in the toilet because it had great acoustics. Even when you think these lads are sleeping, they come up with songs as they come to them within their dreams.

Photo: Andrew AB Photography

I must admit I love the Beatles but I’m not a diehard fan but after last night it opened new songs to me and already favourites of mine have not got new meaning and new depths as I sit here listening to them while typing up this review. For instance, I’ve always been a fan of Paul’s ‘Let it be’ but hearing how it came from a dream of his mother Mary saying to him you know whatever happens let it be and a song was born. It’s also a song I learned first on the ukulele.

From where I was sitting it was like I was watching the actual Lennon and McCartney as they look like the lads it is uncanny. It also cured an itch as I was wondering what it would be like to watch The Beatles live and I feel like I got that. It brought a smile to my face and the audience members around when they sang verses in French, German and Swedish while Cracking America.

As I said earlier this is a must not only for any Beatles fan, but a fan of Music. It was hard to not be overcome within the show and to sing along as many of the audience did. The band that played with them were outstanding. Some looked as though they were living the dream and were performing at Wembley, keeping the audience within the moment, and clapping along. Band members included Ben Gladwin, Greg Joy, Adam Keast, Mike Woodvine.

The production was directed by Bob Eaton. This show deserves the star rating and then some. This show is up there with some of the Royal Court Greats that I have had the pleasure of reviewing over the years.

Playing until 6th April, https://liverpoolsroyalcourt.com/

Reviewer: Luke Stephenson

Reviewed: 20th March 2024

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.