Tuesday, April 23

Cinderella – Buxton Opera House

Buxton Opera House’s annual pantomime is always a highlight in the festive calendar and this year’s production of Cinderella might be the very best one yet!

Directed by Paul Kerryson and produced by Sarah Kell, this year’s pantomime is an enchanting spectacle that has all the ingredients of the perfect panto!

The star-studded cast, featuring the hilarious James Holmes as Tess (returning due to phenomenal demand), larger than life David Dale as Claudia, the talented Georgia Gallagher as Cinderella, the charming Ross Clifton as Prince, Charlotte Hannah Jones delivering powerhouse vocals as the fairy godmother, and the loveable Aidan Bailey as Buttons, all delivering a performance that was nothing short of magical, backed by an incredible ensemble of dancers, Buns the Rabbit played by Felix Price.

The production boasted a remarkable level of polish, evident in its high production values. The set design was visually stunning, transporting the audience into Cinderella’s fairy-tale world with meticulous attention to detail. From the elaborate ballroom scenes to the enchanting transformation of Cinderella with the entire set raising to the rafters to unveil a dazzling horse and carriage, every aspect of the staging demonstrated a commitment to excellence, designed by Phil Daniels with the lighting designed by Tom Davis which was cleverly used to maximum effect throughout.

One of the standout elements of the pantomime was the brilliant vocal performances by the cast. Georgia Gallagher’s portrayal of Cinderella was enchanting. The vocal prowess of Charlotte Hannah Jones as the Fairy Godmother is worth the ticket price alone, and the entire ensemble elevated all the musical numbers, creating an immersive experience for the audience. I loved the mix of songs from Martha Reeves to Kylie Minogue’s latest Hit; Padam Padam. James Holmes and David Dale brought humor and charisma to their respective roles as the Ugly Sisters, engaging the audience with their impeccable comedic timing in the most fabulous outfits designed by Charles Cusick-Smith.

The energy and pace of the production sets it apart from previous productions. The seamless choreography by Tracey Lliffe and well-coordinated scenes kept the momentum alive, ensuring that the audience remained captivated throughout. The chemistry among the cast members was palpable, contributing to the overall charm of the performance, including a mishap with a loaf of Bread!

It really was fabulous! Cinderella at Buxton Opera House is a triumph in the world of pantomime. With its slick production and razor sharp script, brilliant musical numbers, and a captivating cast; Buxton audiences are treated to a proper feel-good panto experience!

Playing until 1st January 2024, https://buxtonoperahouse.org.uk/

Verdict: In the 27 years I’ve been coming to Buxton Opera House; this is one of the best Panto’s Buxton has ever seen!

Reviewer: Max Eden

Reviewed: 16th December 2030

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.