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Chronically Hilarious – Museum of Comedy

Chronically Hilarious platforms disabled Comedians who pack a punch. It is often declared that any comedian worth their salt must be in Edinburgh, but no one ever talks about how inaccessible the city and the festival’s structure are. So, buckle your seat belts for Six unsalty comedy comedians making a delightful evening about bits about being disabled with other disabled folks on stage and in the audience.

Special mention for the BSL interpretation by Peter Abraham with the expert signing.

1 in 5 of the UK population is disabled, and 80% of these people have a hidden disability. That’s over 10 million UK people with an invisible disability. Historically conversations are riddled with shame, disbelief and unasked advice. The collection of comedians who are so funny and also have autism, cerebral palsy or use a wheelchair to access the world needs to be the norm of our comedy circles across all venues in London. Move over white CIS men and take a seat to listen to these stories of disbelief and candour. Thank you to the Museum of comedy for being an accessible space.

The show flags how able-bodied adults infantilise wheelchair users, how government policies for disabled folks are often decided and implemented without involving any community members, and how many of us wait so many agonising years to get a complete diagnosis. Popular media often makes blanket assumptions about disabled people, their quality of life and participation and such a showcase allows for nuance in each comedian sharing their lived experience of how they walk differently while living with cerebral palsy or of how disability made them feel wrapped in an application form for the undatable while also telling us about how they swallowed their boyfriend like a python.

Each set of the night set the audience off in peals of laughter with their honest observations. Lily Webb (they/them), Sean Lock Comedy Award Finalist 2023, Rhys Thorne: So You Think You’re Funny 2022 semi-finalist, Rhys Thorne (he/him), Ash Self ( he/ him)Heartstopper Season 2, Jessica Aytac ( she/her) part-time wheelchair full-time legend So You Think You’re Funny 2022 semi-finalist,  Luke Poulton Autistic, Essex comedian of the year 2019 and Tik tok sensation, and Dian Cathal ( he/ him)  are ready to go places, it’s now on the average theatre-goer to step up, walk the talk of inclusion in practice and support with thunderous applause and paid work. Catch more of Dian Cathal at four other shows during the Camden fringe –

Reviewer: Anisha Pucadyil

Reviewed: 14th August 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.