Wednesday, July 6

Casting announced for world premiere of David Greig’s new play Adventures with the Painted People

Pitlochry Festival Theatre have announced Nicholas Karimi and Kirsty Stuart will star in the world stage premiere of David Greig’s new play, Adventures with the Painted People.

Greig’s first play since 2013’s The Events will open at Pitlochry Festival Theatre from 10th June to 4th July as part of their outdoor Summer Season.

Karimi plays Lucius who is a cultured Roman officer, captured by the Picts and about to be sacrificed.  Stuart is Eithne, a wise Pictish woman, who wants to record her people’s history in writing, a skill they do not yet have. She makes a deal where she will rescue Lucius in exchange for him teaching her to write.  

So, they must flee – not by road, the Romans have not built those yet – but down river.

Performed in the theatre’s outdoor amphitheatre, with the Perthshire hills as a backdrop, Adventures with the Painted People is a love story, exploring the value of the lessons of history and the power of writing.

Adventures with the Painted People is directed by the award-winning Elizabeth Newman, who is Pitlochry’s Artistic Director.

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