Tuesday, June 18

Buffy: Revamped – Pleasance at EICC

As a long-time fan of Buffy, I had high hopes for this show, and I was not disappointed. This show is a rip-roaring ride through 90’s nostalgia. Brendan Murphy is like a one-man time machine pulling in jokes and references from all branches of the fruitful 90’s tree. He is an amazing storyteller, and you can feel his passion for Buffy speak for itself through his energetic performance. This is a well-crafted piece of theatre that uses all manner of media to set the scene, songs, video clips, theatre, props, poems, audience participation, lighting, sound effects and stand up, this show has it all!

This show leans hard into the cult, campy fun of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and gives it a silly, original update for the 2020’s , Buffy: Revamped is a very self-aware show that manages to poke fun at storylines or character traits that might now be seen as problematic whilst still respecting the fact that the tv show  was years ahead of its time and even now holds a special place in the hearts of many.

This bit me right in the adolescence, I actually went home and listened to the Buffy soundtrack and ended up binging 3 or 4 episodes off the back of watching ‘Spike’ and his antics. The attention to detail is excellent, I was struck my how many little parts of the set design were on point and immediately recognizable for any Buffy nerd. Murphy even managed to make a hilarious observation about a point I have missed in my multiple viewings of Buffy. He knew all the sentiment hardcore fans have towards various characters, he knew which plot points have had fans questioning and debating each other for years and he captured the essence of what made Spike, Spike whilst still managing to add his own personality.

This is a show for fans by a fan, if you ever cared about or loved the slayer and her Scooby gang, do yourself a favour, go see Buffy: Revamped!

This show slays!

Playing until 29 August, times and tickets can be found HERE.

Reviewer: Kat Clifford

Reviewed: 7th August 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★★